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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Feb. 5, 2008....Warmed up a bit, but still cold!

PhotobucketHello, it has been, let's see...........6 months since I have been here. I guess I just have too many blogs and stuff. I really should decide which I like the best and get rid of the others.

It is actually above zero right now. Not much, but it is sure a bunch better than more than 20 below zero. Brrrrr. I was getting mighty tired of that one. I am now watching HOUSE on tv. I really like that show.

I've been thinking of planting. Months away yet. I potted up the strawberry babies and repotted the mother strawberry plant. I hope they all survive. We have had more than 20 below for days now. I hope my apple trees that I planted last year make it. I will find out this spring. I also have scads of raspberries in the freezer and I'm gonna have to find a use for most of them to make room for this years crop. Same as for rhubarb.

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