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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This Darn Cold

Well I just can't believe this. I tried several time to put one little picture into here and each time I did this it put about 15 of the same no matter what I did!! Go figure. Why in the world did it do that? I think I will just click on edit html and do it that way instead of using the other way.
I have a nasty cough and cold it seems. I hope I get better in a day or so. I can't stand this. I hardly ever get colds or anything. ugh.
It has been raining up here in Alaska most of the summer and fall. I can't even remember when I saw the sun last.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Did some planting seeds today

Very nice day today. It got up to 50 degrees F. out front of my house today and the sun shone all day long. It's still close to 50, but will be going down. It would be so nice if it did not freeze tonight, but I'm sure it will.

Went to town today, then came home and had something to eat and then went to work planting seeds in little pots. I hope to get more planted tomorrow. Changed all the lights on my grow lights and actually put a few of my roses outside for the day. I'm sure they could use the fresh air. Now I'm going through my emails and getting ready to settle down for the evening to watch tv/crochet/read or whatever.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Feb. 5, 2008....Warmed up a bit, but still cold!

PhotobucketHello, it has been, let's see...........6 months since I have been here. I guess I just have too many blogs and stuff. I really should decide which I like the best and get rid of the others.

It is actually above zero right now. Not much, but it is sure a bunch better than more than 20 below zero. Brrrrr. I was getting mighty tired of that one. I am now watching HOUSE on tv. I really like that show.

I've been thinking of planting. Months away yet. I potted up the strawberry babies and repotted the mother strawberry plant. I hope they all survive. We have had more than 20 below for days now. I hope my apple trees that I planted last year make it. I will find out this spring. I also have scads of raspberries in the freezer and I'm gonna have to find a use for most of them to make room for this years crop. Same as for rhubarb.

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